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Bring your PPC marketing program in-house without losing leads or killing conversion.

The only thing Ameet Khabra (Founder of Hop Skip Media) loves more than the Dallas Cowboys is helping small businesses master PPC.

An Edmonton PPC expert, founder of Hop Skip Media, and part-time university instructor, Ameet regularly stuns her clients with PPC ad results they never thought possible.

And she’s ready to teach you exactly how she does it.

Talk to Ameet today about consulting for small business leaders or training for your entire organization. Email her directly to start the conversation:

PPC Consulting

Take control of your digital advertising, once and for all.

Bring in an expert to help you get up to speed quickly on all things PPC — and start getting real results from your ads.

As your PPC consultant, Ameet will show you how to:

  • Understand your buyer preferences and behaviour
  • Design ads for conversion
  • Place PPC ads where they’ll get the best results for your company
  • Track metrics, analyze results, and use the insight to optimize your ads and boost ROI

Email Ameet directly at to talk about PPC consulting services.

PPC Training

Ameet is available for virtual trainings or live events. Her dynamic training programs deliver practical skills with a fun and interactive approach.

Topics include:

  • How to start a PPC program from scratch — and see measurable results in 2 weeks
  • How to optimize your Google Ads for increased leads and higher conversion
  • Planning your social media advertising for maximum lead generation

Email Ameet directly at to talk about PPC training for your organization

Getting more leads for less ad spend doesn’t require a magic touch — but it does require specific skills and a trained eye for spotting insight in the data.

From knowing where and when to run your ads, to designing ads that convert better, to watching your metrics and optimizing your ad campaigns strategically — there’s a lot to learn. And frankly, you can’t learn effective PPC advertising from a book. (Not unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on ads that don’t work.)

Stop taking stabs in the dark, throwing spaghetti at the wall, and acting on wild hunches. Bring the expert to you.

Email Ameet Khabra at to talk about PPC consulting or training for your organization.

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